Yours Truly Yours Truly A Proud Moment! Me and my book in my backyard shortly after the book was published in October of 2009 (Photo by Armand Vaquer). 76258234 Me and Raymond Burr's Hollywood Star! (Photo by Brett Homenick) 76258235 Me Surveying My California Lifestyle! (Photo by B.H). 76258236 At Don Glut's House David McRobie, Don Glut, Brett Homenick and PB in DG's livingroom. 110195483 At the Farmers Market Brett Homenick came-up for a visit this past Summer 2010 and took this imposing photo of me at the Farmers Market in LA. Rumors that the two elderly people sitting behind me are my parents are blatantly untrue! 110195712 Me in my "Writer's Attire." Formal portrail photo taken in my livingroom by David Brand. 111585294 Me in my "Godzilla Room" Casual photo of me showing a portion of my Godzilla 1956 poster collection by DB. 111585382 Yes, that's me... ...relaxing in front of the Western Heritage Museum (formally the Gene Autry Museum). 112012312 160528771 Me and the Little Woman! My wife and I at the Descanso Gardens. 112012313 160528772 Near a favorite place... "Sanghai Red's" in Marina Del Rey. 112012314 160528773 160528774