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April 24th, 2016: Had breakfast with Miguel Rodriguez of "Horrible Imaginings."

April 18th, 2016: Gave a talk on my "Atomic Dreams and the Nuclear Nightmare" book at the Agoura Hills Library; sold four books!

April 2nd, 2016: My book "Atomic Dreams and the Nuclear Nightmare" has been nominated for the 2015 Rondo Hatton Award for Best Book of the Year!  This is my fourth nomination.

October 24th, 2015: Interview by Dan Schneider along with Ryan Harvey for "Cosmetica" on the Godzilla film series (see under "Reviews and Interviews.") 

July 10th, 2015: "A Rainbow's Bold Amen-A Potpourri of Poetry," a collection of poetry has gone public.  This is my fifth book.

June 9th, 2015: My new book, "Atomic Dreams and the Nuclear Nightmare: the Making of Godzilla (1954) is now available!  Thanks to all of those who helped make it happen.

September 15th, 2015: I will be giving a brief talk on "The Bride of Frankenstein" at the Los Angeles Science and Fantasy Society on Sept. 24th at around 7:30 p.m.  Please see Calendar Section for details.

August 11th, 2015: Interviewed by Mick Maloney of "Military Mystery Hour" on WMEX 1510 about the Godzilla series.

August 6th, 2015: A collection of 62 poems written over the years called "A Rainbow's Bold Amen: A Potpourri of Poetry" is now available on Amazon.  

July 30th, 2015: Had a delightful chat with Brian Soloman (formally of the "Vault of Horror" blog) via Skype about the Godzilla series.

June 10th, 2015: My new book: "Atomic Dreams and the Nuclear Nightmare: The Making of Godzilla"(1954) is now available!

September 19, 2014: I will be giving a talk on Bela Lugosi at a meeting of the Los Angeles Science & Fantasy Society on October 23rd at 8:30 p.m. 

July, 2014: Spent a lovely morning with the daughter of famed Honda actor Nick Adams, Allyson Adams.  

May 17th, 2014: Had a wonderful chat with Pat about Godzilla last night on KTKK.  Great guy and a great show! 

May 9th, 2014: My friends Pat and Carol will be interviewing me on KTKK about Godzilla and his friends on Saturday, May 17th from 7-9 pm (PT).

April 22nd, 2014: Although I felt I was a bit off on the WonderCon talk my wife thought it was the best she's ever seen me give.  The room was quite small so we were stuffed to the gills and some were unable to attend, but all-in-all a successful talk.  Am currently working on possibly attending the upcoming ComicCon.

February 20th, 2014: I will be giving a talk marking the 60th Anniversary of "Godzilla" at the WonderCon in Anaheim on Saturday, April 19th at 5 p.m.!

February 19th, 2014: I see that a copy of the first edition of my Honda book is selling on a textbook website called "Valorebooks" for $1,232.00!  Wild. 

January 25th, 2014: I will be having the first book-signing for the second edition of my "Mushroom Clouds" book at Conejo Coffee on March 1st from 8-10 a.m.; check it out in the Calendar Section!

January 8th, 2014:  Spent a pleasant afternoon at Disney TV in Burbank with friend John Berman and production manager Mark Brammeier.  Discussed possibility of book-signing and lecture at studio's library.

December 5th, 2013: Recorded new video promoting "MC&MM."  Uploaded video of this and "Devil Bat Diary" onto Vimeo website. 

Nov. 10th, 2013:  The Second Edition of "Mushroom Clouds and Mushroom Men" has now gone live! 

Nov. 4th 2013: I have approved the Final Proof of My Second Edition of "MC&MM" and it will go live next week!  Will advise when the big day dawns!

Nov. 3rd, 2013: My thanks to Pat and Carol for a wonderful chat on Fringe Radio KTKK AM630.  When the show is archived I will post it on the webstie. 

Oct. 12th, 2013: I will be interviewed on Saturday evening, November 2nd by Pat and Carol for radio station KTKK, AM630 about the King of the Monsters. 

Oct. 11th, 2013: Received Proof Copy of Second Edition of "MC&MM."  Big and thick and 3 pounds!  Doesn't look too bad.  Will proof and hopefully have ready by Nov. 3rd (Godzilla's B-Day!). 

Oct. 6th, 2013: Vince, Mary and Nick and I discussed Honda's "Mothra vs. Godzilla" (aka "Godzilla vs. the Thing").  Thanks gang!  Please see in "Interviews." 

Oct. 3rd, 2013: Ordered first Proof Copy of Second Edition of "MC&MM." 

September 29, 2013: Completed Phase IV of Honda book revision.  Long-time friends Larry and Jeanie Lytle are putting together a wonderful new cover!  Hope to have all completed by end of October.  

July 28th, 2013: Completed Phase III of Honda book revision.  Started Phase IV.  To date approximately 550 copies of the book have been sold. 

June 12th, 2013: Completed Phase II of Honda book revision, started Phase III. 

February 26th, 2013: I will be having the pleasure and priveldge of hosting a panel honoring the 80th Anniversary of "King Kong" on April 12th at the Monsterpalooza in Burbank! Monsterpalooza  

January 16th, 2013:  Have posted my latest YouTube video; this one on my two novels "Devil Bat Diary" and Terror In Tinseltown."

 November 20th, 2012: Mike White's interview with me on his  "Projection Booth" website is now live!

October 3rd, 2012: I have lowered the e-book price on "MC&MM" from $4.95 to $2.95 to hopefully increase sales.  

October 2nd, 2012: Regretably my suggestion to do a talk marking the 50th Anniversary of "King Kong vs Godzilla" was turned down by the Monsterpalooza, the ApeCon and LosCon.  Their loss. 

September 19th, 2012: Latest review of my Honda book from "Japan Cinema." (see Links) 

September 12, 2012: My next book-signing for "Terror In Tinseltown" will be at TIFA Chocolate and Gelato in Agoura Hills on October 17 from 6-8 p.m.  

July 29th, 2012: I have now officially begun my Honda book update for the Second Edition. 

July 28th: Had my first "Terror In Tinsletown" book signing.  

July 16th: Just saw someone had listed for sale on Amazon a copy of my Honda book for over $100!  What some people won't do...  

July 12th, 2012: Received first copies of "TIT," have listed it for sale on Ebay and on this website.  

July 6th, 2012: Have scheduled first book-signing for "Terror In Tinseltown" at Conejo Coffee for Saturday, July 28th from 8-11a.m. 

July 3rd, 2012: It's a GO for my new book "Terror In Tinseltown!"  Have ordered first copies and should go live next week! 

June 26th: Interviewed by Mike White for his "The Projection Booth" podcast.  Very enjoyable chat!

Latest "Mushroom Clouds and Mushroom Men" book review posted on "The Info Zombie" website.

June 17th: Interviewed by Lilia Tombs for the "Horror Shock Lolipop" website on my "Devil Bat Diary" book went on the web today. 

June 6th, 2012: Ordered Proof Copy of "Terror in Tinseltown." 

May 25th, 2012: Finished 9th and final draft of "Terror in Tinseltown!" 

April 8th, 2012:  Finished 8th draft of "Terror in Tinseltown."  Hopefully one more to go!

March 18th, 2012: My 10th Honda book talk was at the WonderCon in Anaheim and it went very well; had about 50 people and two large vieweing screens.  Many thanks to all those who made it possible.   

February 10th, 2012: Finished my spell-check on "TIT" and have now begun the final proofing.    

January 30th, 2012:  Good News!  Good News!  I will be giving a presentation on Honda's 8 Godzilla films at this year's WonderCon in Anaheim on March 18th, Sunday at 3:30p.m. 

January 20th, 2012:  Finished 7th Draft of "Terror in Tinseltown."

December 22nd, 2011: LL Book Review's review of DBD; posted in Links Review Section.  

December 21st, 2011: William Israel's review of my "Devil Bat Diary" book from his Nightmare Castle website is not posted under Links Review Section. 

December 12th, 2011: My latest interview with Vince Rotolo on "Gigantis the Fire Monster" is now posted on my Links Interview Section!

oNovember 25th, 2011: Have reached 450 "Mushroom Clouds and Mushroom Men" views on YouTube! 

November 21, 2011: Completed 4th Draft of "Terror in Tinseltown." 

November 13th, 2011: Decided against appearing at LosCon38 due to bad communication, but did submit Panel Request Form for consideration for next year's WonderCon in March.  Was interviewed by Vince Rotolo on his "B-Movie Cast" podcast site about "Gigantis the Fire Monster." 

October 18th, 2011: Completed 3rd Draft of "TIT." 

October 9th, 2011: Book-Signing at "Dark Delicasies" went very well and met some very nice people, including Horror Film Historian David Del Valle who just submitted his review of my "Devil Bat" book (please see "Links" for reveiw).  Also saw Julie Adams of "Creature From the Black Lagoon" and it was a thrill... 

September 29th, 2011: I will be directing a Readers Theatre production of an evening of "Poe in the Dark" on Saturday, October 29th at 7:30 p.m. in Founders Hall of the Calabasas Library.  Please see Calendar for details.  

September 14th, 2011: Sent CRC of "DBD" (No. 4) to "Films in Review." 

September 13th, 2011: Vince Rotolo's interview with me on "B-Movie Cast" has been published (see under "Interview" Section under "Links."  

September 6th, 2011: Surpassed the 400-book sales mark on "MC&MM."   Contacted Criterion regarding their upcoming release of the 1954 "Godzilla" just in case they give me a chance to do the commentary on it ... 

August 31st, 2011: Met with Sue at "Dark Delicasies" to finalize books-signing arrangement for October 8th, Saturday at 2 p.m.  

August 27th, 2011: Two "Devil Bat Diary" book events coming up: October 8th at "Dark Delicasies" (Burbank) and October 13th at the LASFS (Van Nuys).  Will list them in the calendar section when more details come in.  

July 23rd, 2011: Had book-signing at "Comic-Con" followed by 9th MC&MM Book Presentation!  

July 21st, 2011: Vince of "B-Movie Cast" called to re-schedule our interview for July 29th at 4 p.m. 

July 16th, 2011: Held first book-signing for "DBD" at Conejo Coffee.

July 12th, 2011: My friend Gordon "Bravo" Durich wrote an article for the Agoura Hills "Patch" promoting my first "Devil Bat Diary" book-signing (see Links). 

Vince Rotolo from "B-Movie Cast" will interview me on both my books next Thursday, July 21st. 

June 22nd: Did my first interview regarding my "DBD" book with Matthew Coniam for his website "MovieTone News."  View in Links. 

June 21st: Held my final "MC&MM" library book talk; this at the Agoura Hills Library; six people in attendance; our film for the evening was "War of the Gargantuas." 

June 13th, 2011: Made arrangements for my first-ever book-signing for Devil Bat Diary at Conejo Coffee for July 16th.  

June 10th, 2011: My article on the making of Godzilla was published in the Summer 2011 (Vol. XXXVI, No. 3) issue of "Cineaste."  For this article I received a check for $100, making it the first time I have ever been paid for writing. 

June 7th: "Devil Bat Diary" is now available as an ebook on Kindle.  Received latest royalty check from Authorhouse on MC&MM for 1st quarter of this year: 25 books sold, bringing total so-far to apprx. 360 copies. 

June 6th, 2011: Made arrangements to speak at ComicCon on Saturday, July 23rd, at 8p.m.

June 4th, 2011: Attended the Thousand Oaks "Art Walk." 

May 31st, 2011: Began 2nd Draft of "TIT."  Dropped-off promotional poster at Agoura Hills Library.  

May 24th: Review of "MC&MM" printed on Toho Kingdom website. 

May 23rd, 2011: Ordered 13 copies of "Devil Bat Diary" from publisher. 

May 21st, 2011: Gave Honda Book Talk at "Brave New World Comics." 

May 19th, 2011: Completed initial draft of "Terror in Tinseltown." 

May Firday the 13th, 2011: My first novel, "DEVIL BAT DIARY" is now available on Amazon! 

May 10th: Karyn Foley's interview with me for the local Calabasas TV cable channel is now online (please see Links under "Interviews.") 

May 9th: Book Presentation and Signing at "Book Soup."   


May 3rd, ordered Proof Copy of "Devil Bat Dreams" from CreateSpace. 

May 1st: Drove-out to "Brave New World Comics" to meet with Portlyn; scoped out room for presentation.  Book-signing will be at 12 Noon, followed by a presentation on "Varan the Unbeleiveable" at 1 p.m. for the Anime club meeting.  

April 27th: Submitted "Panel Request Form" to ComicCon in hopes they will let me do a Honda presentation.  David Miguel has now posted both parts of the interview he did with me on his "MIR" podcast (please see Links).  We now have a time for my book-signing at "Brave New World Comics" in Newhall: 12 Noon for the signing with the possibility of a book-signing afterwards.  "12 Angry Men" opened last Friday to a very enthusiastic crowd.    

April 19th: Next-book signing has been arranged at "Brave New World" comics in Santa Clarita for May 21st. 

April 17th: David posted Part One of our interview on his "Monster Island Resort" website (see Links). 

April 9th: Met a very nice young man, Miguel David Rodriguez, of the podcast site "Monster Island Resort."  David was at the talk last night, in fact he won the trivia question and won the last of my Honda coffee mugs!  We had breakfast together, then Miguel interviewed me in my Godzilla Room about my book on Mr. Honda.  As soon as it goes live I will spread the word.  So far only one book-signing remaining, at "Book Soup" on May 9th, just two days after Honda's 100th Birthday! 

April 8th:  This evening at 7 p.m. I gave what will most-likely be my last talk on Ishiro Honda.  This was at the "Monsterpalooza" in Burbank and after some minor travails things got under way and I was very happy with the results: about 35 people and sold five books, tying the record set at the Conejo Coffee signing back in November of last year.  My thanks to Eliot Brusky, Perry Shields, and Gordon who had to put up with my car not starting afterwards and waiting for my wife to show up and help us out!  

April 2nd, 2011: This day (Saturday) was all about "Encino Nostalgia" as I drove-out to the old neighborhood to make a pilmgrimalge marking the 50th Anniversary of when I saw "Gorgo" at the Encino Theatre.  I walked through alleyways from the old house on 16852 McCormick Street down to Havenhurst, then walked South until Ventura Blvd, then went East to the approximate location of where the theatre used to be (it's been gone for many years).  I then walked to Gelsons (which has always been there) and bought a "Baby Alligator," then walked back.

On the way back I stopped by the Little League which was in full-swing.  I hadn't been on the grounds in years (played many games there both as a Little Leaguer and after) and it was very exciting; a lovely crisp Spring day, people milling about, kids in uniforms running around and playing in all the parks, food being served-up by the kitchen.

Walked over to the field I remembered best (although it was smaller than I recalled!) and it was all very, well, nostalgic.  On my way out a beautiful boy, early elementary school age, asked me if I knew where the Pony League played but I told him I didn't know where it was.  As he scampered off I realized it was me I had been talking to...

I then walked up Magnolia past houses of old friends, then back to the car, drove home and wathced "Gorgo" on my laserdisc, exactly 50 years to the day I first saw it.  Quite a special day indeed...     

April 1st, 2011: One-week to go until Monterpalooza; our film for the evening: "The Mysterians."  My Honda tribute article printed on "Horror Haven" website (see Links).  Interview with Mike from "Search My Trash" printed on website (see Links).

March 6th, 2011: A brief article I wrote is now on the "Shadows & Silence" website (please check out my "Links" section).  

March 4th, 2011:  Robert Scott Field very kindly wished me a happy birthday on my Facebook Page.  He's a day early but what's more important is the kind thoughtfullness of this man.  I first met him at a G-Fest convention in Burbank years ago and he was very patient with his time.  His contributions to the many G-Fests are well-documented.  Simply put, guys like him don't grow on trees!  Thank you, Robert.

I will be trying to update the Poetry section on a more-regular basis.  Stay tuned and see if I'm the least bit successful. 

March 2nd, 2011: I have added my retrospective on "The Beauty and the Liquid People" to the Article Section.  

Feb. 28th, 2011: Karyn Foley's interview with me about my book at the Calabasas Library went very well.  The program will air possibly sometime this month on "The Calabasas Channel."

Feb. 23rd, 2011: I will be attending this year's "Monsterpalooza" in Burbank to give a talk marking the Centennial of Ishiro Honda in the ballroom of the Marriott Burbank Hotel on Friday, April 8th at 7 p.m.  I will also be signing copies of my book. 

Feb. 21st, 2011: I will be doing a book-signing at "Book Soup" in West Hollywood on May 9th at 7 p.m.! 

Feb. 14, 2011: Well I will see if I can't utilize this page more often than I have been!

Last night was my latest -- and quite possibly last -- book presentation.  This was done at the Westlake Village Library and did not go on without its trevails; namely that I had neglected to mention I needed a DVD player and big-screen monitor to show clips from Rodan.  The idea finally occured to me that I could point out various techniques Honda was fond of using by showing clips from some of his films.  In other talks:

L.A. Science Fantasy Society (The H-Man).

Thousand Oaks Library (Mothra).

San Fernando Library (Godzilla).

California Writers Club (Matango). 

I need hardly point out that these clips are used for edification purposes only.

In any event I was very discouraged until I was told by the librarian (Nina Hull) that a large TV could be wheeled-over to the room where I was giving my talk, and by happy chance a longtime friend of 38 years, George Chang, arrived and helped-me wheel it in.

The talk began on schedule and I had about nine people, which was quite an improvement over the last library talk I gave: one (my wife, the only one who watched it from beginning to end)!

I was very pleased with my two-part article on the first Godzilla film now on The Film League's website, thanks to Josh for his kind invitation.

At this point I doubt I will be doing any further booktalks.  I have done five with varying degrees of success, but this latest one told me something: it was heavily promoted (there was a wonderful article written by Mark Wycoff in the Ventura County Star) and yet only three people that I did not directly contact showed-up.

It seems that my topic is so limited in its appeal this limits the audience, I would probably have better succes if I had just written a mystery or a poliitcal thriller.

In any event I will continue to contact coffee shops, but there too I have had limited success.  The first one at Conejo Coffee in Newbury Park went very well, but the next one at Cacao Coffee in West Los Angeles was a disaster.  Since then I have contacted five coffee houses and none of them have even responded.

For the time being I will continue my modest promoting of my book, but I need to keep up with the writing of Lady Horror's Hollywood; I also have rehearsals for 12 Angry Men at Conejo Players.  This plus the fact that I am hoping to publish Devil Bat Diary (with cover art by James Osbourne) by the end of April. 

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